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The big companies should pass an energy audits.

The big companies should pass an energy audits.

On 13 of February it was published in the BOE: from February 14th until November 2016, the big companies or corporate groups are obliged to do energetic audits, 85% of total energy consumption during their practices.

Who does affect?

  • Companies with at least 250 employees.
  • All the companies which their business volume exceeds 50 EUR millions or their overall balance exceeds 43 EUR millions.
  • In addition, the corporate groups which comply with one of the two conditions.

PYMES are excluded, but Grupo Render Industrial recommends an audits to all companies because the save is significant.

What is the obligation?

One energetic audit every 4 years, 85 % of total energy consumption during their practices.

These companies should present this audit within the first 9 months from 14 February 2016, which means before 14th November 2016.

Other possibility is that the big companies implant a Management or Environmental system (UNE-EN ISO 500001 or 14001), where a minimum requirement is to overcome the energetic audit.


The Art.3&3 establishes the directives that the audit should comply, necessary by a lack of a common criteria.

An Administrative Registry for Energetic Audits has been created (public and free) where the companies have to contribute this document: Model of communication about performance of energy audits. The period is not exceed three months from the implementation of audit.

How does it work?

The steps required to make an energetic audit:

  1. Identification and evaluation of energy supplies
  2. Detailed description and analysis of the production process
  3. Breakdown of power consumptions
  4. Suggested improvements:

                 – With or without investment

                – Operability of the equipment.


With the energetic audit you can get:

  • Correct information on actual energetic consumption of each installation
  • Reduction in energetic consumption, and thus also costs
  • Better use of energy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improving the competitiveness of enterprises
  • Improving the social image

Grupo Render Industrial offers:

  • Energetic audit.
  • Advice on energy management systems
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Energy services


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Grupo Render Industrial y Montajes is a delegated company of Fenie Energia

Grupo Render Industrial y Montajes is a delegated company of Fenie Energia

GRUPO RENDER INDUSTRIAL Y MONTAJES S.L. como empresa delegada de la comercializadora FENIE ENERGíA

Grupo Render Industrial y Montajes S.L., which is a delegated Company of Fenie Energia, provides you all the services that this company offers. In other words, we offer all our engineers to operate as trusted energy advisers, they help you with the supply contract (electric and gas), they resolve your questions, consultations and complaints. Forget about long waiting times!!

Fenie Energia is focused on the client, they want that the customers understand better the liberalization of the electricity and gas and the new rules about sector. We allow you to understand better the market, contracts and invoices, we avoid that the customers suffer misunderstandings.

From here you can make your contract (electric and gas), it does not matter if is a new contract or change of supply company. Also, you can change your lighting by LED, install capacitor batteries for all installation requirements and other services that you can consult in this web.


Web de Fenie Energía
Electricidad Fenie Energia - Grupo Render

Te ofrecemos nuestras tarifas de electricidad para todo tipo de suministros, tanto baja como alta tensión.

Gas Fenie Energia - Grupo Render

Nuestras tarifas de gas se adaptan a todos los consumidores.

¿Do you want save in your electric facture? Discover it without any cost and commitment.

We offer you a FREE service of energy consulting, we will study your factures. It is a free service and we will do a comparative between more competitive prices of the company Fenie Energia (Federacion Nacional de Empresarios de Instalaciones Electricas y Telecomunicaciones de España).

We are your energy advisers for any consult, complaints or modifications without waits and with the confidence that Grupo Render Industrial y Montanjes S.L offers.

We will do a power study lest you do not pay for a power that you do not need it or penalties for excess, and it’s all free. In addition, we offer you the best prices existing in the market.

Send us your factures, we will do a study without cost and compromise, to jcnuevo@gruporender.es or call 637 45 48 49 , serve you gladly.


Grupo Render obtains “Electricians and telecommunications installers” Certificate.

Grupo Render obtains “Electricians and telecommunications installers” Certificate.

Empresa Instaladora Certificada

Empresa Instaladora Certificada

For yet another year, Grupo Render Industrial y Montajes receives from “Asociacion Empresarial de Instaladores Electricistas y de Telecomunicaciones de la Provincia de Cáceres (ASEMIET)” this certificate: Electrical Installations Company (Low voltage) in the category of specialist.


The future customers will be able to identify the companies which have all the legal requirements and guarantees to make a good work.

The companies which have the legal requirements can offer all the guarantees. These corporations will cover the eventualities that can happen during the activity.

The customer can rely in the companies which have “EIC-Empresa Instaladora Certificada” because these companies have human and technical resources to make an excellent service.

Finally, the customer has to know that all companies with this certificate:

  • If there are material damages which cause defects in the installation the company will assume the cost.
  • Guarantee of proper working.

Certificate = Professionalism, guaranty, quality and security.

Draft project and work management. Airdromes and heliports in Castilla La Mancha, GEACAM.

Draft project and work management. Airdromes and heliports in Castilla La Mancha, GEACAM.


On November 2015, Grupo Render has finished these works: basic and execution project, viability and health studies and work management. Airdrome and heliport of CAMPILLOS-PARAVIENTOS (Cuenca), PERALVECHE Airdrome (Guadalajara), LA ATALAYA heliport (Ciudad Real) and MOLINA DE ARAGON heliport (Guadalajara). These facilities are designed to extinguish fires in Castilla La Mancha.  All the work that has been done: earthmoving works, pavements, urbanization, signals, aeronautical and electric facilities, fuel installations, supply, sanitation, demolitions and building of new constructions for pilots, seals edifices and storages.


Adaptation of electrical rooms and SAI´S in Alicante Airport (AENA)

Adaptation of electrical rooms and SAI´S in Alicante Airport (AENA)

On September 2015, Grupo Render Industrial has concluded this project. An important project: SAI reform in the new terminal of Alicante Airport. In the work, new electrical rooms have been built to save SAI equipments (8 SAI´S with 1.700 kVA in total) and the electric charges have been redistributed. Also, different studies have been done: insulation, analysis of electric charges, design and optimization for installations


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